1.The organizer requires the regional final finalists to present themselves in a full team and to present their Identification Card for checking.
2.Corporate Teams are identified as all team members are working executives. Student Teams are identified as all team members are full time tertiary level students holding valid student ID cards. Photocopies of student ID card are required for registration purpose. Mixed Teams are identified as their team members consist of both working executives and tertiary level students.
3.Registration fee are to be paid, 5 days before the commencement of the First Round.
4.The organizer reserves the right to obtain and to use all related photos or any other materials related to the game.
5.All team members should ensure they have valid travel documents to participate in any International competition(s).
6.The organizer will only be responsible for meals, accommodation and travelling expenses during the days of International Final competition.
7.Members cannot represent more than one team at the same time.
1. The GMC has a jury that resolves, definitively and irrevocably, all the problems, doubts or conflicts related to competition development, results or assignment of prizes.
2. The GMC includes two phases: one national phase with two rounds and a National Final, and one international phase. The champion of the national phase shall represent HK in the International Global Management Challenge.
3. The GMC develops in accordance with a calendar previously made public. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the Organization has the right to change the anticipated dates for the reception of the decisions or the delivery of the results.
4. In the First Round, all the teams are identified by numbers and distributed by groups, according to a public and random assignment. The teams granted to the second round are newly grouped by the same method.
5. Each round of the GMC includes five plays corresponding to five "quarters" decisions. Teams that fail to submit at least 3 (three) decision sheets in the First Round and the second Round will be disqualified.In the National Final, the teams that do not submit the five decisions will be disqualified.
6. Taking in consideration the number of teams enrolled in the competition the Organizer will announce at the beginning of every round the number of teams per group that will be qualified for the next round. In the First Round teams are separated into two groups: Corporate/Mixed Group and Student Group. Two groups will then merge in the Second Round. This rule applies to HK region only.
7. If, within the same group, two or more teams get the same highest investment performance, the winner is the team that, in the last play, has the highest positive Net Worth.
8. The national and international finals of GMC are played during one day in a hotel or similar residential equipment and the teams are not allowed to contact each other, except at lunch time; in such a case they may not be allowed to proceed with the competition.
9. The distribution of the prizes for the national and international finals is dependent on the presence and participation of the members of the competing teams (duly identified) in the related events.
10. The prizes for the Champion and for the team in Second Place in the national phase of GMC are assigned to the teams that get, in the last play of the National Final, the highest investment performance for their company .
11. The champion of the National Final will represent HK in the International Final of Global Management Challenge. If any of the team members' who are unable to participate, the seat shall not be replaced.
12. Each participating team must have a minimum of three members and maximum of five members.
13. Any changes to the members or the name of the team must be communicated to the Organization, in written form, before the third play of the First Round.
14. In a similar way, if one or more teams classified for the Second Round or the National Final decide not to participate, it/ they may be replaced by the team(s) in the same group(s) with the next best classification.
15. Until the time and date specified in the Calendar, each team shall guarantee the arrival of their Decision by Internet, correctly identified, at the Organization's offices. In the opposite case (and, particularly, internet faults or other causes not ascribable to the Organizer), the default values stated in the Manual shall be entered as the team's decisions.
16. Each team is responsible for checking its own decisions reproduced in the Management Report. Errors due to communication problems can only be corrected if communicated in written format within 24 hours period (after delivery of the Management Report).
17. All participants for HK GMC must be either HK resident (holder of HK ID Card) or posses a valid working permit or student visa issued by the HK SAR Government.
18. Actual or past workers of MMA and SDG, Simuladores de Gestao Asia Ltd, who directly involved in the game, shall not be accepted as participants in the Competition.
19. At the time of enrolment, each team member declares his knowledge and acceptance of these Rules and that he also accepts as final any decision, taken by the Jury, related with their interpretation and application.
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