1. The registration fee must be settled 5 days before the First Round commences and is non-refundable.
  2. Corporate Teams are identified as all team members are working executives in Macao. Student Teams are identified as all team members are full time tertiary level students in Macao holding valid student ID cards. Mixed Teams are identified as their team members consist of both working executives and tertiary level students in Macao. A photo copy of student ID card or identification document is required to upload to the GMC website for registration purpose.
  3. Teams must fill in the online application form correctly. Application form must be submitted to the Organizer before the registration deadline.
  4. To ensure that all teams can receive information of the competition, teams should register with non-Mainland China email addresses for communication purpose.
  5. Teams which could enter into the Regional Final will be required to make a cash deposit of MOP 1,000. Deposit will be refunded in full upon presenting valid ID cards on the day of Regional Final. Any paid deposit will not be refunded for teams which are unable to participate due to personal reasons except by reason of force majeure.
  6. Teams which enter into the Regional Final will be required to present themselves in a full team and to present their ID cards for checking. Otherwise the teams would not be allowed to enter the competition venue.
  7. All team members should ensure they have valid travel documents to participate in any International competition.
  8. The Organizer will only be responsible for meals, accommodation and travelling expenses during the stay of International Final competition. Visa application should be arranged by team.
  9. Team members should not represent more than one team at the same time. Violators shall bring immediate disqualification from the competition.
  10. The Organizer reserves the right to obtain and to use all related photos or any other materials related to the game.
  1. Global Management Challenge (GMC) Macao Regional is organized by Macau Management Association.
  2. Both Regional and International games of GMC have has a Assessment Committee that resolves, definitively and irrevocably, all the problems, doubts or conflicts related to competition development and results.
  3. The GMC consists of two phases: the 1st phase is the Regional Competition with two rounds and a Regional Final, and the 2nd phase is the International Competition. The champion of the Regional Competition shall represent Macao in the International Final of Global Management Challenge.
  4. The Game Calendar and the date of announcing the results of GMC Regional is decided by the Assessment Committee. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the Assessment Committee has the right to change the anticipated dates and making adjustment.
  5. In the First Round, all the teams (corporate teams and student teams) are identified by numbers and distributed by groups, according to a random draw. The teams which could entered to the second round would be grouped again by the same method.
  6. Each round of the GMC includes five plays corresponding to five quarters of decisions. Teams that fail to submit less than three decision sheets in the First Round and the Second Round will be disqualified. In the Regional Final, the teams must submit all five decision sheets, otherwise will be disqualified.
  7. After the First Round, the team of the group with the worst investment performance will be eliminated. Considering the number of teams enrolled in the competition, the Organizer will announce at the beginning of every round the number of teams per group that will be qualified for the next round.
  8. In case there are two teams or more that get the same best investment performance in the same group, the team that get the highest net value would be the winner. If, within the same group, two or more teams get the same highest positive net value, the Organizer has the right to decide which would be the winning team.
  9. GMC Macao Regional Final is an on-site competition. During the Final Round, the participanting teams are only allowed to use the computers provided by the Organizer.
  10. To ensure the fairness of the Regional Final, all team members are required to deposit their mobile phones to the Organizer on the day of Regional Final. All mobile phones will be returned to participants once the competition is finished.
  11. The Regional Final and International Final of GMC will be hosted in the venue designated by the Organizer and the teams are not allowed to contact with each other except at lunch time; otherwise the whole team will be disqualified immediately.
  12. The distribution of the prizes for the Regional and International Finals depends on the number of participating teams and relative situation.
  13. The winner of the Regional Final of GMC depends on the result of the last round and the team which get the best investment performance will be the Champion team.
  14. The Champion of the Regional Final will represent Macao in the International Final of GMC. If any of the team members who are unable to participate, the seat shall not be replaced.
  15. Each participating team must consist of a minimum of three members and maximum of five members.
  16. All teams are not allowed to make changes in team members throughout the whole competition.
  17. Team which would like to change with the team name should apply to the Organizer in written form 7 days before the First Round commences. Changes will not be accepted once the competition starts.
  18. If the Champion team of the Regional Final is not able to participate in the International Final,  it will be replaced by the team with the next best investment performance.
  19. Each team should submit the decision sheets base on the game calendar via Internet. In case of any incidents (internet break down or other causes that are not ascribable to the Organizer), the default values stated in the Manual shall be considered as the team's decisions.
  20. Each team is responsible for checking their own values appear on the Management Report. Should there be any problem, teams should inform the Organizer, in written format, within 12 hours (after the delivery of the Management Report).
  21. If teams have any objection to the result of the competition, the team shall defense themselves within 12 hours (after delivery of the competition result of that round). Each team has one chance to defense themselves in written form and send it to the GMC official email. The Organizer will response as soon as possible, and that would be a one-time finalized response to the defense.
  22. Each team should participate into the competition and submit their decision sheet with thorough consideration. Any form of submission on other's behalf is strictly prohibited. Once the mentioned behavior is verified by the jury, the team will be disqualified permanently.
  23. All teams are not allowed to jointly manipulate the market in any form or intervene other teams in the competition. Once the mentioned behavior is verified by the jury, the team will be disqualified permanently.
  24. All participants for Macao GMC must be either Macao residents (Macao ID Card holders) or possess a valid working permit or student visa issued by the Macao SAR Government.
  25. Past workers of Macau Management Association and SDG – Simuladores e Modelos de Gestão, who directly involved in the game, shall not be accepted as participants in the Competition.
  26. Each participant declares his knowledge and acceptance of these Rules and that he also respect and accept the decisions and results of every round made by the Jury.
  27. Should there be any query, please contact Macau Management Association by email or phone:
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